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Baxter Congregational is a friendly and growing church located at 218 S Main St. Baxter, Iowa.

Regular worship service begins at 10:00 AM

What Do We Do ?

  • We follow a fairly standard order of service; including:

    •  Call to worship (call & response)

    •  Singing (from Hymnals)

    • Prayers (both read and pastor led)

    • Scripture Reading (ESV)

    • Sermon (Expositional)

  • SEPT—MAY Children’s Sunday School during service

  • People generally dress casual, but unto the Lord

  • People generally chat a bit before service.

  • We have a coffee hour after service  for fellowship.

  • Lord’s Supper, for all baptized Christians who are members in good standing at a Bible believing church, on the first Sunday of the Month

Every Sunday

A Note from the Pastor: A few things you should probably know before you consider checking us out. Visiting a small church can be a little weird, many people in the church have been here their entrie lives, everyone seems to know each other and it can feel difficult to fit in. That's okay; you're allowed to feel awkward. There is a time for coffee and fellowship after service and it's a good way to start to get to know some of the people. We might feel a little old school, we have a young pastor and a sea of white hair, we sing old hymns out of a hymnal, we have a three person choir, we read alot of prayers, and read alot of scripture. It can be a little weird and maybe even a bit uncomfortable, if nothing else it can sort of feel traditional. We are not saying this is the only way to do church, nor are we saying that this is for everyone, but it is the way things are (at least right now). You should know that we are in a time of (slow) transition. This church recently left a mainline denomination and we are praying and working towards moving in a more Evangelical direction. We might not have everything you want, we don't have a ton of programs and small groups; but we have lots of ways to get involved. If you are not a Christian, we would love to have come and hear the good news about Jesus, but if you are a Christian consider partnering with us as we move to REFORM the local church, and bring Glory to God through the preaching and practice of this local church.


218 S. Main St

Baxter IA 50028

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